Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clean Cutting It

Today I never realized that I would get to 100 posts in one month (and believe my by far am I nearly finished with posting more for the month). I just wanted to let you all know the purpose for me even creating this blog as I think about my business goals for the coming years. In the fall of 2010 I decided to start my own business mainly as a part of my part-time (very very part-time) side hustle as a makeup consultant. I knew that I wanted to enrich the lives of both men and women and I also knew how much of an impact makeup and fashion had on my life. Then, one day I fell upon the term of image consultant. Researching on the term there are a number of definitions and a number of components that image consultants can target. However, my main focus for my business is to develop one's outer appearance to match their inner personality.

You wouldn't believe the amount of people who actually wander around the world and they are not making a true reflection or a true statement of who they are and that is very sad. Some people go for years feeling depressed and inadequate to build up confidence to go on that date or apply for that dream job that they've wanted. But with the change of a look, a new hairstyle, makeup, wardrobe....that person builds up the confidence to be the person they feel inside. They begin to carry themselves better. They maintain a better posture. They speak clearly and boldly. These are the things that I enjoy and the reasons why I genuinely enjoy and continue to pursue a career in image consulting.

As you go through this blog and continue to read other topics related to image development I hope that I can inspire you and others to continue to be the best that you can be. Start fresh if you have to....become a clean slate. Start like a baby and build yourself from there. You have the ability. Be bold. Be daring and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do anything or that you aren't pretty enough or that you aren't strong enough. Choose not to believe them. Tell yourself you are beautiful. You are confident. You are strong. You can do anything and it will happen! Trust and believe in yourself and maintain that spirit and you will see abundance triple fold.

Well wishes to you lovelies.....you are fabulous....

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