Monday, December 26, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

This week I'm preparing to travel to a warmer state.....away from the colder weather of north east here in the U.S. Thinking about it, I decided to write about how to pack when you're traveling. Yes, I know there are many youtube videos on the topic but hey....why not read about them as well? So, here goes....

  1. Determine the activities you will be doing for your travels. Business? Casual? Family? Fun?
  2. Depending on how long you are traveling, it's always important to select pieces that coordinate with one another and can be mixed and matched (grays, blues, blacks, and browns are good neutrals and can be mixed with many things.
  3. For a three day trip it might be best to select two tops, two bottoms, two outer wears (e.g. jackets, sweaters, blazers), and three shoes.Remember, the clothing that you will wear going there will also be included into your wardrobe.
  4. Select at least two ways to wear your garments just in case you have two events to go to in one night. Sometimes, I know there are occasions when there's that spur-of-the-moment activitiy or something not so quite planned for and you should definitely be prepared.
  5. Choose jewelry that can be dressed up or down. I like to go with pieces that are more classic because it tends to bring a little sophistication to a casual outfit and always perfects and evening attire.
  6. Select one to two alternative handbags. Besides the handbag you're traveling with there should be an additional handbag that is perfect for a night out or a spending excursion. Just in case, always be prepared.
  7. Try to store toiletries in a roll-up or cosmetics bag. These can be purchased at any local drugstore for a reasonable price. If these aren't available try storing them in gallon size ziploc bags (I like the ones with the zipper....they seem to hold better).
  8. Make sure that any chargers are also included when packing.
  9. Be sure to include those things that make you comfortable....your home away from home (books, robe, bedroom slippers, fuzzy socks, cds, ipad, get the picture).
  10. If makeup is an essential (which in my book it always is no matter if it is a casual day or night on the town with the girls), make sure there is a place for it too. You might want to have a separate cosmetics bag or ziplock bag just for these.
  11. You're ready to go!
Now I'm off to prepare for my flight. I wish everyone safe and speedy travels. Much love and as always stay my fabulous ones......

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