Saturday, December 10, 2011

Out of the Closet

As I was looking in my closet I was thinking about what to wear for the weekend. Since I'm trying to network today I wanted to make sure that the outfit was casual but also a little bit dressy. Hiding all the way in the back of my pants section I saw a pair of capris that I had not pulled into my "Spring/Summer" wardrobe. So, I decided that I might as well make the best use of them! It's typically cold where I live so I  paired my capris with tights and knee length boots. On top I decided to wear a long sleeve blouse, cardigan, and leather jacket. Completing the look with a warm scarf was a perfect touch for my attire. Check out my  post entitled "Frankie" for a similar look.

Don't feel like you have to always limit your Spring and Summer clothes for those seasons only. Take advantage of your warmer clothing for the Fall and Winter months. By pairing cooler outfits with warmer ones and layering you're able to get more wear out of those outfits that just six months out of the year. Sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve tees, mid-calf or knee length boots...these are pieces in your winter wardrobe that can help warm up a summer look. I hope this helped you and maybe you can share some pictures of your own looks.

Once again, stay beautiful fabulous ones. Stay inspired!

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