Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lady in Black

Okay lovelies. As always I do my people watching on a regular day out and I noticed a woman just walking through the store. Just a note: when you stand out from everyone else in a good way it's always a good look. Make yourself the red m&m in a jar full of brown ones. She had a short pixie cut and neutral makeup. And just to look at her, the outfit didn't seem like anything over spectacular. Yet, she still made a statement because of her color choice and posture. Yes, she was in all black - turtleneck, all weather coat, tights, a-line skirt, and ankle wedges - but it looked flawless.

And as I mentioned before....she remembered her posture. Correct posture can make you appear inches taller. Straighten your back. Keep your head up and try to avoid looking at the ground. Evoke confidence and it will draw attention to you. Even if you do choose to hunch over this still draws attention....negative. So make sure you stand tall and hold your head high; then, notice the heads turn. You'll walk away feeling good about yourself even if no one says a word.

Stay bold fabulous ones. Until next time.....

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