Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unregrettably You

While standing in front of my wardrobe a few days ago wondering what to wear on a noneventful day out, I felt like I had an emergency! How was I supposed to choose something to wear?! It was like a brain freeze! My mind went blank and I started daydreaming about daisies and six-pack abs. Although this would be great to fantasize about for the next 30 minutes or so, I had to shake off the fantasies and get back to reality. I needed something to wear and badly! So, who else to go to than the one other person I'm closest to who seems to naturally know more about fashion than me. My wonderfully, ultra stylish "hubby" Jay.

Sad to say, I didn't have to actually call him into my wardrobe to ask for his advice; he actually noticed me standing there like a statue and pitifully shook his head in unbelief. "What's up?" he asked as I looked at him with the same blank stare as I just had plastered on my face just moments ago. "I don't know what to wear," I said. "Everything seems to be too plain or too dressy and I just want to go out for a regular day!" As he pushed me aside to observe and ponder the actual truth in all of this, I wondered how he could pick something out that could possibly work for a casual day.

"Just do you," he said as he turned around and walked out of the room and left me to stare at his back for moments after he was already down the stairs and out the door. Did he actually have the confidence in me to actually select something on my own? Couldn't he see that I was in desperate need of his help? But as I closed my eyes and faced the challenge I had before me, I smiled.

He was right! I did need to "do me." I knew me best and didn't have to adhere to someone's own image or someone else's look for the day. I didn't need to turn to see what someone else felt that I should wear. I'm supposed to be the expert! I can do this!

So, I stood boldly in front of my wardrobe and started pulling and grabbing and colors and patterns and metals and actually came up with a fabulous outfit. Although it took minute to actually "get it", I actually "got it"! This leads me to the ultimate point of this whole post. Don't be an image of something you're not. Yes, it's okay to like what others wear or even be inspired by it, but be your own person. Reveal on the outside a reflection of who you are on the inside. This shows your own personal style instead of you copying someone else's. Because trends can come and go. Fashion is constantly changing. But style is uniquely and unregrettably you.

So, go on! Be fabulous! And have no regrets about it.

Much Love,


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