Monday, December 26, 2011

The Right Stuff

Did you ever wake up not knowing what in the world to put on? I mean of course you have fabulous clothes....that's a given. But after the truth about your fabulousness disappears.....really.....what can you wear?

Okay, here's the trick that I use. First, I select a neutral color. Black. Brown. White. Gray. Blue. Then, I decide where I want to wear my neutral color. As a top? On the bottom? Mostly, I like to wear my neutrals on the bottom. Since I'm about average height (5'4"), I always like to create an illusion of height and slimness (definitely needed after having a baby.....or that holiday dinner). So, you selected a neutral and also where you want to wear it. What's next? Choose what you're going to wear for the rest of your outfit. Will your top also be a neutral? Do you want to add color or designs to the rest of your attire? These are things that you should think about when planning your outfit for the day.

I just want to warn you......DO NOT DO THIS WHEN YOU ARE IN A RUSH FOR WORK! This will ulitmately make you even later and who's fault will it be? You've got it! Your own. It works best when you're not in a rush or you're planning this ahead of time. That way you can not only pick out the outfit but actually try it on to see if it actually looks good together. There's nothing worse than taking time to pick out an outfit, putting it on, and then having to change again because the outfit just doesn't work (adding another 30 minutes to your time).

Another piece of advice before I leave you would help to take a picture of the outfit and keep it in a photo album or notebook. This way you can have a log of outfits to go back to in the future or try ways to change up different outfits if you don't want to wear the same outfit again.

Hope I was useful to someone today. As always stay glorious fabulous ones.....

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