Friday, December 23, 2011

Split Personality

Did you ever know someone in grade school who didn't seem quite right? They seemed to have a wonderful personality but you could never get to it because you were so focused on their outer appearance. Or maybe as an adult you saw someone and thought to yourself This person would be so much more attractive if they just took more time on themselves. Well, until a few years ago that was me.

I wasn't born a natural fashionista - I actually had to cultivate my current style. I'd always wanted to dress a certain way but had engrained in my head to be another way - which played out to be boring and much older than I actually was. So, I decided to take on the challenge of reflecting on the outside the person I truly was on the inside.

I started to collect fashion and beauty magazines and really researched what styles I was attracted to and what styles were appropriate for my age. I also had to put in a little more effort in how I looked on a daily basis. Believe me, this was probably one of this biggest challenges for me because of thes time initially but it was well worth it. I started to get complements on a daily basis. People would see me and say Wow, you look pretty today. Or they would say That outfit looks great on you! Or Your makeup looks flawless! Or You look like you could be a model. And you know what? This made me smile.

I no longer felt like Frumpy Franny. I felt like the fabulous diva I felt like I was inside. This also gave me the self-confidence to establish new relationships and not focus so much on my looks. My personal life also seemed to improve as my "hubby" began to praise me on the efforts I took to show that I cared about myself and how people viewed me!

So, I say all of this to remind you to lett your inner spirit show. Make sure that you are reflecting the person that you truly want to be. Stand in front of a mirror. Have a friend or significant other take a picture of you. Then, have a true conversation with yourself (and maybe even ask that friend). Are you giving a true outer reflection of your inner spirit? If so. Wonderful! If not, really examine what you need to change. This may not be a quick process but it'll be well worth it.

So lovelies. Remember.....stay fabulous and let your split personality show. Until next time....


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