Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shorty Doo Wop

Yesterday I was walking around the mall and saw this beautiful woman dressed remarkably. I mean she was gorgeous! She had on a beautiful mustard yellow cardigan with a black blouse underneath, black bootcut  pants, and heels that seemed like they were six inches tall! Her leather motorcycle jacket was so fitting with the outfit that I could have sworn this woman just came from a photo shoot. I mean the woman was immaculate! Makeup was flawless. Hair was in place. And to complete the look she had a beautiful Marc Jacobs snakeskin tote. The way this woman was dressed you would think she was 6' tall...but no! She was actually 5'2" (I was bold enough to ask her). This woman dressed the way many petite women should, which is my focus today.

The young lady that I met yesterday (I'll call her Sarah) used a lot of strategies to lengthen her petite frame and take the emphasis away from her short stature. One strategy she took advantage of was the use of one color throughout her look. Using one color such as black, brown, or gray on the top and bottom helps to elongate a petite frame. Another strategy Sarah used was a bold color on top. By using color or smaller patterns on the upper half of a petite frame, this takes the focus away from the shortness of your legs. Sarah is also a smart lady. I say this because she wore stilettos! This is another strategy used to lengthen your frame. A famous celebrity that does this most frequently is Beyonce (you wouldn't believe she's actually 5'4" because she's always in stilettos)! Bootcut or wide leg pants also look good on a petite figure. Just remember to stay away from anything with cuffs. These tend to cut off your legs making them look even shorter.

Alright fabulous ones! I'm off to more spying! Hope to see you for some fashion inspiration!

- Kannedy Kane

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