Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Packing your makeup bag for the gym

If you read yesterday's post about what to wear to the gym, today's post (and tomorrow's post) will refer to preparation for the gym. So, in the effort of continuing to stay fabulous, remember that it's always important to walk away flawless, even after a rough workout. Here are a few items that you should include in that makeup bag.

  • A travel size facial cleanser. If the facial cleanser you use has a travel size then carry that. However, if not, take a few minutes to squeeze out the facial cleanser you use into travel size tubes. These can be found at your local drug store, beauty supply store, dollar store, Walmart or Target. Using a facial bar would also be an alternative.
  • A travel size moisturizer. Remember to use the moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type (combination, dry, oily, sensitive).
  • Foundation. Use a medium coverage foundation or choose a mineral powder foundation. Just try not to use something that will be too heavy and interfere with your pores.
  • Bronzer, Blush: This can add a little sparkle to your face and give you a great glow. It'll leave you looking refreshed rather than tired. So, make sure that you select one wisely.
  • Lip moisturizer: This can be a chapstick. It will help give moisture to your lips that may have become dry from the workout and your heavy breathing. Even having one with a little color will do to bring out your fabulousness.
  • Choose eye products carefully. I like to wear a simple dark brown eye liner after leaving the gym. It doesn't overpower like black and just leaves me with a more clean look. If you don't want to wear eye liner, choose an eyeshadow that might closer to your skin such as a midtone color. Shimmery eye shadows can also work if applied just to the lid right after a workout. Again, this gives the sense of rejuvination and glowiness (is that even a
Don't forget your tools you need to apply these. Cosmetic sponge or brushes. Q-tips. Cotton balls. Place these in a ziplock baggie and include them in your bag as well. I know that you are now ready to pack a flawless makeup bag for the gym. Happy workout. You look fabulous......

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