Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Appropriate Gym Attire for that New Year Body

Just imagine yourself walking into the gym again. Looking around at all the bodies of women getting fit. You have far more body mass to lose to even get close to where they are. How are they able to do that? How can they maintain it? How can they even look this good and make it seem so effortless? Well, I'm not a fitness guru, but I will attempt to address the latter question.

Many women - I will raise my hand and admit that I am guilty of this too - believe that looser clothing is the best attire to wear when trying to get fit. It definitely helps in drawing attention away from those problem areas. Right? Wrong.

When you're working out, even though you may have those problem areas, you still want to look attractive. If you are trying to hide that bulge in your stomach but know you have amazing legs why not wear gym shorts or leggings? Have bigger thighs and a bootie? Wear bootcut gym pants and a fitted top. Trying to hide those big ladies that seem to greet everyone head on? Trying a halter or wrap tank might be helpful in creating that hourglass shape that you always try to achieve.

Whatever you're trying to conceal make sure the other area is complemented. It is a fashion don't to wear all baggy clothes. It gives the wrong look aesthetically and makes you seem like you really don't care about how you look. Whether you're trying to attract attention or not. Wouldn't you agree that if you are attracting attention it's positive rather than negative?

I hope that I will be seeing more (or maybe less) of you ladies in the gym soon. Looking fabulous as you work off those extra pounds for the new year. Now I'm off to my own gym for the day. Take care.....

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