Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gotta Be Me

One thing that I've learned over the years is the importance of dressing for the image you want to portray. This seems to be something people miss especially if they still need help finding their own personal style. Two things that you should ask yourself when you have any article of clothing on are: 1) Do I look good in this? and 2) Does it represent the image I want to portray?

Let's say the REAL you wants to have a more tailored and sophisticated look. However, in your closet you have a lot of t-shirts, jeans, and casual wear. You are transitioning in your life and want to be taken more seriously at work as well as in your professional life. The problem is that your wardrobe does not reflect this same image. Peruse  your closet for all of the items you have and try to look at them individually as well as how you would normally wear them. The sweat pants and sweatshirt? It's comfy and you like it but it does not portray the image you are going for. The tailored pants? It's not so tailored and is too heavy. Yes, it represents the image you want but it doesn't look good on you.

Remember, you must evaluate your clothing at least seasonally. Get rid of items that you can't answer both questions with a YES. This might require you to go shopping for clothes you can answer yes to. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with clothing options you've never tried before. Maybe you've never worn that blouse with those pants. Put them together and look in the floor length mirror. Does that give you a look you're going for? Keep trying until you are happy and confident that it's truly the style that represents you.

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